The Future Is Bright

Hello! It’s been so long. I’ve taken a break from any kind of blogging or writing in general. I haven’t abandoned screenwriting, I just needed to step away and explore other things. One of weaknesses (or strengths, depending on how you view it) is that I sort of bounce around with my art. I might be all about my music one month and then realize I haven’t been watching any movies lately, or inspiration for a painting might spring up out of nowhere. Well I went through some soul searching and sort of left everything behind for, I don’t know, a year? Wow. A year.

Now I’m back and feeling like I need to tackle all those things I discovered I had the potential to dominate. The problem is, I need to start getting up earlier than I have been in order to get everything done. That has been a problem but I have to keep reminding myself, and all of you, that the early bird does in fact catch the worm.

So anyway, the one constant in the last couple of years now have been these two onesies I designed. It all started with a “Feminist In Training” onesienavy

Back in 2014, Time magazine announced it’s “Which Word Should Be Banned in 2015” article. One of those words was “Feminism”. Now, I never really considered myself a feminist simply because I never gave it much of a thought, but this really pissed me off. I knew enough about Feminism to know it has received a pretty bad wrap through the years and I thought Time was wrong for playing into to that whole narrative. Instead of letting it go, however, it fueled a fire and made me want to study feminism, the history of it, the different perceptions people have of it, and I realized we need women and men to understand it more than ever now. More on this later when I have time to write an in-depth opinion on feminism and faux feminism. Yes, I may contradict myself in this blog entry.

I came up with the idea of a “Feminist” onesie to market toward women who may have been offended by Time’s war on feminism. I put it up on and much to my surprise, it received some attention and before I knew it, I made my first sale! I sold something I made! What a feeling! As an artist who has been creating things her whole life, this was amazing. Then I made a second sale! I realized people were looking for garments of empowerment and that brought me to my Strong Woman In Training onesie. strong-woman

Now this actually started as a design for my cousin Amy who had just been diagnosed with breast cancer.


She had already destroyed Hotchkins Lymphoma twice and now faced a battle with breast cancer. She conceived her daughter after years of chemo and radiation at the age of 40 and I couldn’t think of a stronger woman in my life. She’s amazing and I wanted to make her a shirt while she was going through her battle with breast cancer, raising a 4 year old, and carrying out her normal everyday stuff as a wife and a working female. The problem was I didn’t have the guts to give it to her. I have this problem where I don’t think people actually want to wear what I make and to avoid awkwardness, I just don’t even both. Plus it feels sort of self-serving to me. “Look what I made for you to wear even though you might have absolutely NO desire to ever wear it. Ever.” I’d rather just avoid that unless someone suggests it. So I never gave it to her. Then I thought about putting it on etsy and donating the proceeds to the American Cancer Society, but I was afraid people wouldn’t buy it out of fear I’d just pocket the money.

Anyway, I’m working on these fears of mine and I decided to create a Strong Woman In Training onesie for the little girls being born into this cruel, misogynistic world. This has been quite the seller was even featured on Buzzfeed AND the Huffington Post. It warms my heart to know there are so many strong women being raised. We need more radical females in this world. Until next time.



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