Baker’s Dozen and Finding Myself As An Artist

I haven’t been very good at keeping up with this site and mainly because I have struggled to find myself as an artist. I started this blog as a way to hold myself accountable and keep up with my art. The problem was finding the inspiration and confidence to come up with a piece and actually post it. You are your worst critic. I also felt a lack of inspiration from my surroundings. I live in suburbia. Not too much excitement and definitely not enough scenery. The struggle has been real. Then it hit me.

I recall when Phish announced the Baker’s – their 13 night run at Madison Square Garden. Admittedly, I was not impressed. Thirteen nights in the same venue? In the most expensive city in the country? I know times have changed. Gone are the days of the $22.50 ticket, waiting in traffic jams down country roads, and I don’t own a single article of patchwork clothing. It’s been almost 20 years since my first show (Polaris Amphitheater 7.23.99) and a lot has changed. Things change. I get it. This was just… so different. Then I heard they were going to play other shows and I felt relieved. We bought nights 2 and 3 at Northerly and I was content.

Fast forward to about a week after buying our Northerly tickets and something happened. I became hip to this idea of 13 nights in one venue.  Why is night 3 always the most fun during their 3 night runs at certain venues? Maybe the band feels obligated to bring it the final night. Or maybe it’s because they get used to the venue. You become acquainted with the feel of the room, the vibrations. It makes sense to me, anyway. So couple that with the most famous venue in the world  and you are surely to witness magic, right? I became very excited about this. We bought a ticket to my birthday show (July 30th) and I have been geeked ever since, even wishing we were the fortunate ones who could make all 13 nights happen. I haven’t been to a single Baker’s Dozen show yet and I’m loving everything about it, especially the inspiration. I came up with a poster idea for fun, I committed to it, and I completed it. It features my version of a Big Black Furry Creature From Mars.


And then I did another for fun the next day.


Phish have always inspired me. As an artist, they are just throwing inspiration at you. Like their shows, the possibilities are endless. I’ve had ideas for Phish inspired art for years, I just had no confidence in myself. Like the days of the $22.50 ticket, long traffic jams down country roads, and my patchwork wardrobe, I hope those days are over.



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