It’s been 3 days since the Baker’s Dozen ended and people are still high off that experience. I certainly cannot get enough and have been going through each of the shows. We managed to swing the July 30th show. It was my first birthday show and the Jimmies donut. I had hopes for a Harpua and couldn’t imagine them passing up the opportunity, but with Phish you never know. And they were set on making this MSG run extra special. Well I got the Harpua and an Esther! I had started working on a painting inspired by that song. I love it. The story is dark but so beautifully told and the music is so well orchestrated. Everything about it is perfect. So when I heard that creepy organ at MSG, I lost my shit. I couldn’t wait to get home and finish my painting. So, here it is. Esther. Ink and acrylic glazing on paper. I will have prints available soon in my Etsy store.



I have another painting up my sleeve inspired by Rift which I will begin in a day or 2 as well as a series of posters inspired by each night of the Baker’s Dozen and corresponding donut. I guess that means I’ll have to listen to the entire run from Nights 1-13. Oh well!


3 thoughts on “Esther

  1. Magik Jo says:

    Hey, all of your work is awesome but this hits the mark so well, my thoughts exactly kinda thing. Awesome job relating to audience and bringing out the good feelings in me.

    Liked by 1 person

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