Phish Loves Dicks

I did not make it to Dicks this year 😦 I did, however, create a poster for each night.

Now I had been working on these commissioned Bakers Dozen posters and I can’t start a project and put it to the side to work on something else. I need to get what I was working on completed. Unless it’s a painting. A painting is never done and you can always go back to it. But illustrations and commissioned work need to get done. So anyway, I felt rushed and I will probably tweak these as I listen to the shows but I felt I needed to get them done.

They are available in my etsy store and I am selling them as 12X18 and 18X24, but if you were at one show and like the 3rd nights poster best, for instance, I will gladly change the date. I can also make one poster the poster for all 3 nights by adding the additional dates if you want to save money on framing. I get it.

Anyway, I hope a few folks like them. I wanted these to be Colorado related, and while skiing is big in Colorado it’s summer, man. I couldn’t have snow in these. So my “sky nymphs” are flying on rocket skis, of course.


DICKS3 copy


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