The Bakers Dozen. Night 1. Coconut.

Night 1 copy

I received some inquiries from fans who liked my Bakers Dozen poster about whether or not I was planning on doing a poster of each night. It never crossed my mind until I heard them open with Junior Senior’s ‘Shake Your Coconuts’. It sounded like a party, it was exciting, I regretted not being in a position in life where I could attend all 13 nights, and I was, in fact, very inspired to draw each night.
Originally I thought of walking coconuts and dancing donuts but nothing felt right. I was also in the process of working on a painting of Esther and was afraid I would bite off more than I could chew if I took on this task. Fast forward to the end of Summer Tour, and I found myself still blown away by what the band had just pulled off but wondering if the high had worn off for the rest of the fans. I remember the indescribable feeling after coming home from Big Cypress. I knew I had experienced something so special, I couldn’t imagine what it would take to top that. To this day, I am still amazed by that experience. The Bakers Dozen, and this is my opinion, is the new Big Cypress. 13 nights at Madison Square Garden with not a single repeat? That’s amazing. That’s fucking amazing and Phish fans are probably the luckiest music fans in the history of rock n roll to be offered experiences such as these. These moments should be relived and celebrated as often as they can. So I decided to go with it and see what fans think. Worse comes to worse, I build my portfolio.
So here is Night 1 of the Bakers Dozen. I wanted it to look like how I envisioned the Garden during that opening song. I wanted it to take place somewhere in New York so I decided on an apartment party. Every song is represented in this illustration. Seven Below and Everything’s Right are probably the hardest to pick out.
I was worried Suzy Greenberg looked too crazy. I mean, I believe it’s a man’s (the Dude of Life) anger over a woman rejected him? Is that correct? But interpreting Suzy Greenberg visually was a challenge. Everything’s Right is quite subtle. It’s represented with the sunrise off in the distance. “And long night’s over and the suns coming up.” Seven Below was another challenge. I piggy-backed off of Tweezer. “Blue, splinter and glow

New crystals of snow”. I don’t know. Too weak? It’s hard to represent certain lyrics, man!

Well, keep an eye out for Night 2 . And this will be available in my Etsy store.

Set 1: Shake Your Coconuts[1], Martian Monster, Timber Ho! > 555, Pigtail, Halfway to the Moon, Reba[2], Moonage Daydream, Walls of the Cave

Set 2: Tweezer >Seven Below > Billy Breathes > Sparkle, Everything’s Right > Slave to the Traffic Light > Suzy Greenberg, Coconut[3]

Encore: The Mango Song > Good Times Bad Times


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