The Baker’s Dozen Night 2. Strawberry

Night 2

I’m behind schedule. I’ve been trying to save a piece of glorious land from becoming shitty condos so I’m behind. BUT you don’t care about that 😉 The good news is, I don’t think Night’s 3 and 4 will be as difficult so I should be right on track in no time. 
Here is Night 2 of the Baker’s Dozen. I had a hard time coming up with a story to tell as some songs either contained no lyrics or lyrics that were sort of hard to work with. I really had to get creative with this one. My goal was to incorporate some aspect of New York into each night and since that evening’s donut was strawberry and they opened with an A Capella rendition of the Beatles’ Strawberry Fields Forever, Strawberry Fields in Central Park seemed like the logical choice. But what were all the characters and symbols going to do? Hang around the Lennon memorial just… hanging out? Another challenge were the songs All These Dreams and I Always Wanted it this way. I was really struggling with representation for these songs. Ultimately I decided to create a a surreal dreamscape incorporating Strawberry Fields and the Lennon memorial. If you look closely, the Skyline I chose to represent Cities (Talking Heads) is the Dakota and neighboring buildings.
I Always Wanted It This Way was the other challenge. I chose to focus on the line “Though timelines were burned, we rebuilt the trust”. I interpreted it as the band’s formation, hiatus, and breakup, then their reunion. Since I had a circus theme with Roggae happening, I thought I’d pull double duty with Breath and Burning and use a fire breather ( I hope people don’t think that’s lame) to burn a timeline just at the year they broke up. 
This is available in my etsy store!

Here are the songs from the setlist.

Strawberry Fields Forever

Halley’s Comet

The Moma Dance

Breath and Burning

Funky Bitch




The Squirming Coil

Down With Disease

Strawberry Letter 23

Birds Of A Feather

I Always Wanted It This Way

All Of These Dreams

Split Open And Melt

Shine A Light

Peaches En Regalia


My Sweet One

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 2.46.44 PMScreen Shot 2017-11-05 at 2.46.52 PMScreen Shot 2017-11-05 at 2.47.00 PMScreen Shot 2017-11-05 at 2.47.09 PM


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