Phish Baker’s Dozen Night 3 – Red Velvet

Wow. It’s been 20 days since my last post so that means I am way behind schedule. Oops. I suppose I should just focus on the illustrations and not how long it takes. These take a long time! When you have a song such as ACDC Bag or Reba, a character, it’s easier to illustrate. Then I have to think of a story to tell with every element. That’s the hardest part.

Well Night 3 was a little easier to orchestrate thanks to Jon Fishman dressing up as a bishop. I knew I would do something church related. My first thought was a scene within a church, then having the Wolfman’s Brother (my interpretation anyway) leading the mass then the other elements from the other songs acting as attendees. But what about Back On The Train? Where would that fit in? So then I began brainstorming for other ideas and I thought about St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan. It’s quite famous, and it contains gorgeous stained glass windows. I came across an image of Adoration of the Christ Child and decided to play off of that. I’m sorry if people find it sacrilegious. I was raised Catholic but am non-practicing. If that means anything. Anyway, here is my illustration for Red Velvet night.


The Stained glass theme is supposed to symbolize Sunday Morning by the Velvet Underground. Donuts Outdrawn Twilit is an anagram of “It Wouldn’t Twist Around”. Here is the setlist. It is available in my etsy store.

SET I: Sunday Morning, Axilla I, Your Pet Cat, Back on the Train > How Many People Are You?, Glide, Theme From the Bottom > It’s Ice > More
SET II: AC/DC Bag > Wolfman’s Brother > Twist > Waves > Miss You, Boogie On Reggae Woman > Wading in the Velvet Sea
ENCORE: Sweet Jane

On to Jam-Filled!


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