Phish The Baker’s Dozen Night 4 – Jam Filled

I just completed night 4 of the Baker’s Dozen which means I have less than 10 more to go! Ha ha. My god that seems like a lot. Anyway, I thought this might not take as long because I kept thinking they played half as many songs as they normally do but no. On average it takes a good week to construct the initial illustration. I began coloring it in on Friday the 17th. I completed it on Sunday the 19th after working on it from about 11:30 AM and finished a little after 8PM. So my apologies for not kicking these out faster but I have a day job which interferes with my passion.

Obviously one of the highlights if not THE highlight of Jam-Filled night was Lawn Boy. Or as some folks may consider it, Lawn Man. My original idea was ok but the colors weren’t popping and I didn’t feel it harnessed the energy of the show. I had the idea to experiment with flashes of light to sort of represent Kuroda lights. I couldn’t find a video of the Lawn Boy jam so I had to use my imagination of what it must’ve looked like during that part.

I hope people can pick out the songs as I represented them. I liked the idea of a Fuego popping out to represent the line “Rolling in my Fuego, I do my own stunts.” I didn’t want to fall into anything obvious with Lawn Boy and use a lawn jockey, plus the history of lawn jockey’s is something I just didn’t want to deal with. So I thought I’d carry on with Fuego and “Viking warriors” by having a figure wearing a viking helmet and rocking a keytar. The one element I wasn’t too sold on was Crosseyed and Painless. It was a highlight, the jam was sick, but I didn’t want to necessarily make it a focal point since it’s a cover. I don’t know how other people feel about that. But trying to communicate that song visually was a struggle. I read up on the song and the meaning and ultimately it’s a about paranoia. I thought it could work if I lumped Crosseyed with My Friend, My Friend, and Bathtub Gin (“Were all in this together and we love to take a bath”). He appears worried and with good reason as the clever ruse sitting next to him in the tub is taunting him with a knife. This is how I try to work out these illustrations. I think everything else should be easy to pick out.

Here is the illustration and setlist. It is available in my etsy store and I am offering 20% off orders of 2 or more items. Use code BAKERS20 at checkout. 


7-25-17 Jam Filled

Sample In A Jar

Lawn Boy>

My Friend My Friend


Bathtub Gin



Crosseyed and Painless

Makisupa Policeman

End of Session




Lawn Boy


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